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The Quality Department in Ebrocork inspects and tests the product upon arrival to give conformity to it and also to the finished product before departure, guaranteeing its quality and physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics. In addition, it issues the Quality Reports requested by the customer and saves records of them.

Quality in EBROCORK is not understood only as the last step prior to the delivery of the product to the customer, no matter how exhaustive this may be.

For this reason, we carry out a strict test of the product upon receiving it from our suppliers and verify that it has passed the required controls of international laboratories. It is common for specialists from Ebrocork to travel to the place of origin of the cork and, at the foot of the field, supervise the quality parameters that the raw material must meet. It is a way of guaranteeing the quality of the product at the moment of reception, which does not avoid the permanent mechanics of quality control on our product and on the process that is already a sign of our company identity.

The quality controls on the product have three critical points: the first corresponds to the entire manufacturing process at origin; the second to the reception of the product in Ebrocork and the third and last one just before the delivery to our customer.

The control at reception allows to get data on humidity, apparent density and dimensions, and is also applied through sensory analysis, visual tests, oxidant residues analysis, microbiological count and analysis of chloroanisole compounds by gas chromatography, performed in accredited external laboratories.

On the other hand, the control of finished product, which is both internal and external, in addition to reviewing the initial data, adds studies on the extraction force, capillarity, tightness and diametrical recovery. For this, among other systems, Ebrocork has a multiparameter measuring system, which is today the maximum technological exponent for this type of control.

In summary, the Quality Department in Ebrocork inspects and tests the product at reception to give its conformity to it and to the finished product, guaranteeing its quality and physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics. In addition, it issues the Quality Reports requested by customers and save records of the tests

Cork is an inert material, little or no biodegradable, but sensitive to environmental conditions. Its destiny, moreover, is to keep – perhaps for years – a living element, which evolves, as is wine. For this reason, in Ebrocork we apply our quality philosophy also to our premises where cork stoppers are manufactured and stored in four fundamental parameters:


The humidity is permanently controlled by a sprinkler system of spray water that at the same time, has passed before by a treatment involving ultraviolet lamps, carbon filters and softeners. The system acts to maintain absolute humidity conditions of the stopper between 5.5-6%. Thus we ensure that the stopper has an activity water value, aw, around 0,7.


A wide air conditioning system is responsible for maintaining, automatically, the most appropriate temperature levels so that this environmental factor does not harm at all the cork in our facilities.


The materials used in Ebrocork’s store, especially pallets, are made of virgin plastic and for the delivery of the orders, also non-recoverable plastic pallets are used.


One of the main indexes that define the air quality of a warehouse is the content of volatile organic compounds and the presence of microorganisms that suppose a risk of alteration of the organoleptic properties, aptitude for the processing or simply losses of the cork stoppers stored in it. For this reason, and as part of an ambitious R & D plan, an advanced indoor air purification system has been introduced in the facilities: photocatalysis by titanium dioxide and ultraviolet light.


All our processes are subject to the most rigorous external controls.


Global food safety standard based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which establishes the highest criteria of food safety and quality required by legislation at the international level

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ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System certificate, which assures that the company meets the objectives of Quality, implementing and coordinating the processes of the company in meeting customer needs.

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Health Certificate

Certification that distinguishes those companies in the sector for their degree of excellence in safety, traceability and quality in compliance with the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice (CIPT)

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Clean Cork system used by Ebrocork is a set of physical and chemical processes for eliminating TCA and Volatile Organic Compounds that respects the nature of cork, it is applied first on the cork sheets, and later during the manufacture of the stoppers to guarantee hygiene and organoleptic health of our stoppers.

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